The Blackhawks went into Detroit and quickly left with a loss as the Red Wings beat them 4-2.

Blackhawks players were enthralled watching the Wings play. For the first time this season they realized how the game of hockey is supposed to be played.

“It was amazing,” defenseman Adrian Aucoin said after the game. “Did you see their power play? They were passing and shooting. It was a joy to watch. I usually like to turn it over at the blue line and give the opponent a shorthanded chance often times resulting in a goal against us. But now I see that maybe that isn’t in our best interest.”

“I was taking notes most of the time,” head coach Denis Savard said. “I normally don’t even attend our practices. I use that time to stay home and catch up on my TiVo. But now I see that I’m supposed to be telling these guys what to do. As soon as I figure out what that is, I’m on it.”

Number of the Night: 0
Scouts in the stands to take a look at Aucoin as the 2007 trade deadline approaches.

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