The Blackhawks are trying to string together wins for a last ditch playoff run. They came up short Friday night in Edmonton and lost to the Oilers 2-1. They were able to notch another victory Sunday afternoon beating the Columbus Blue Jackets 5-4.

Martin Havlat is currently on a six-game goal-scoring streak. That ties the longest streak so far in the 2007 NHL campaign. He is excited about the feat but also knows what’s really important is getting to the playoffs.

“I just want to make the playoffs so I can get my playoff beard going,” Havlat said. “I think I can look like ZZ Top by June if I get the chance.”

Head coach Denis Savard is trying to motivate his troops to get them in the playoff hunt.

“Remember in Major League when they put up the picture of the team’s female owner,” defenseman Duncan Keith said. “Then they would peel a section every time they won hoping to see the girl naked. Well, coach did the same thing with a picture of Bill Wirtz.”

“At first I didn’t understand the concept,” Savard said. “But some of the players pointed out that they didn’t want to see Bill naked. I concurred. So now every time they lose I peel a section. If this doesn’t work nothing will. It’s a really gross picture.”

Number of the Weekend: 27
Times Havlat took his helmet off to fix his hair in each game.

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