Apparently the Pro Bowl was played on Saturday. I, personally, thought the game was on Sunday and missed nearly the entire thing. I feel honesty is the best policy and I’m going to have to come clean and let everyone know that I have no idea what occurred in the game.

Here’s what happened, I first realized the game wasn’t on Sunday when I arrived at a local eatery Saturday evening and saw the game was already on TV. Nobody seemed to care or notice the game was even on but for the sake of The Heckler readers, I did my best to research but to no avail.

“Who’s winning the Pro Bowl?” I asked the bartender.

“The what?” He responded with a confused look.

I glanced at the TV and noticed I had missed the first three and a half quarters. All those different helmets on the field together made it look like pure madness. There were Bears players in the same huddle as Packers players. I saw the Patriots head coach Bill Belichick giving Colts quarterback Peyton Manning instructions. It was confusing and just plain weird.

Before I could figure out details of the game, I was sidetracked by a man who spilled his drink all over himself. Later that night, while watching the Bulls versus Warriors on ESPN, I saw the Pro Bowl score scroll across the bottom of the screen: AFC 31, NFC 28.

heckler editorial staff