Mike Ditka said he doesn’t care who wins the NFC Championship and it’s upsetting a lot of Chicagoans. Ditka earned his legacy as the Bears head coach from 1982 to 1992 before coaching the Saints from 1997 to 1999 and holds the distinct title as the only head coach fired by both franchises.

“If I had my druthers, neither team would win anything ever again,” Ditka said. “How could anybody fire me? I’m Da Coach.”

Bears fan Stephanie Willmoth says the idea that Ditka isn’t backing her team is causing her to change personal loyalties-she just isn’t sure to which.

“For my entire life, Ditka and the Bears were as one. It’s different now,” Willmoth said as she choked back tears. “I don’t know whether to turn my allegiance from my favorite football team or end my love for Da Coach.”

Chicago’s Mayor Daley could not believe his ears when he heard Ditka wasn’t backing the hometown Bears.

“Ditka doesn’t care who wins, eh? The people of Chicago have done nothing but line his pockets with gold,” Daley said with a grumble. “He has used our city as a means for his restaurant, his wine business-and damn it, this city made his legacy! Mike Ditka, I’ve got two words for you: Get out!”

heckler editorial staff