In a Jan. 8 recap of Chicago’s 84-77 loss to the Houston Rockets, The Heckler suggested the Bulls blow chunks.

Seems like the team took it to heart.

“How do you expect us to play well knowing that our each and every move is being scrutinized by the keen eye of The Heckler’s brilliant NBA beat reporter Alan Goldsher?” asked Ben Gordon, who put in 25 points in the team’s 113-103 drubbing at the hands of the Washington Wizards. “If a genius of Goldsher’s stature says we blow chunks, then we must blow chunks.”

Andres Nocioni (25 points) echoed Gordon’s sentiments.

“There’s far too much heckling going on, and it hurts our feelings. But the truth of the matter is that it hurts because Goldsher has such an astounding basketball mind. If it was, say, Hubie Brown telling us we blow chunks, we couldn’t take that too seriously. But Alan Goldsher? That dude knows what’s up.”

You wouldn’t expect the ever-pragmatic Scott Skiles to blame the media for his team’s recent slump-this was the Bulls fourth loss in five games-but, well, he did.

“I have 15 guys in that locker room crying their eyes out,” Skiles said. “When Alan Goldsher speaks, the Chicago Bulls listen. But sometimes I wish they wouldn’t. Too much heartbreak.  Far, far too much heartbreak.”

Goldsher was not available for comment.

heckler editorial staff