The Blackhawks have dropped five of their last six after losing twice over the weekend. They were shelled Friday night by the Nashville Predators 8-3. Then the Phoenix Coyotes came to town and beat them 4-2.

The team is in a low place especially with star winger and probable radical right wing conservative, Martin Havlat, nursing a groin injury. Other players are frustrated and seem to have found where to point the finger.

“It’s clearly God’s fault,” defenseman Duncan Keith said with a skyward gaze. “I said a prayer before the game. I prayed damn hard too. Had the little cross thing out, kissed it, and everything. And we still lost. What, is he on vacation or something?”

“I agree with Duncan,” Martin Lapointe said. “I prayed for Jesus to be in goal with Khabby Sunday to help him. He let in four goals on 17 shots. That’s awful, JC. Savior my ass!”

The team hosts the high-powered Buffalo Sabres Wednesday night which could wind up with a scary final score.

heckler editorial staff