Chicagoan Jared Sirota is a diehard hockey fan, though none of his co-workers believe him.

“I try to tell all of them how much fun hockey is, but they never listen to me,” said Sirota. “Every time I say ‘NHL’ they start laughing.”

It seems that most of Sirota’s co-workers thought the NHL shut down for good during the lockout two years ago. Last year’s Stanley Cup champions didn’t help the matter either.

“Jared was telling me how the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup last season,” said Steve DeYoung. “Yeah right, a hockey team in North Carolina? Ha! Next he’ll tell me there’s an NHL team here in Chicago.”

Sirota has begrudgingly accepted his fate.

“I don’t think they’ll ever believe me, so I’m just going to stop talking about it,” he said. “You know, kind of like how ESPN treats the NHL.”

heckler editorial staff