A man once told me there are two ways to tell if someone has a gambling problem: One, they bet on preseason NFL football. Two, they bet on the WNBA. That logic is totally false. The definition of a gambling problem is when you can’t pick a winner. And if you have that problem, Pete has the solution … the monthly picks. Let’s gamble!

12 — Percent of Sox fans who started to panic in August.

68 — Percent of Sox fans who will start to panic when they realize they only play the Royals three more times this year.

7 — Number of hours needed to complete a game of 21 between Tyson Chandler and Ben Wallace.

34 — Cubs fans sent to the hospital with broken hands after exchanging too many high fives over the Neifi Perez trade.

55 — Percent of Lakeview residents who now have to eat ramen noodles twice a week due to income lost reselling their Cubs tickets.

4 — Average number of fantasy football managers per league who think they could run an NFL team.

heckler editorial staff