Carlos Zambrano got another win for the Cubs on Monday night, lasting eight innings in Houston to beat the Astros by a score of 3-0. He walked seven while giving up just four hits.

Phil Nevin drove in all the runs with a two-run homer and an RBI single and Ryan Dempster notched his 24th save of the year.

Ronny Cedeno single-handedly knocked Astros starter Roy Oswalt out of the game by hitting him on the wrist with a line drive. Michael Barrett, who has hated Oswalt since their skirmishes in 2003, congratulated Cedeno after the game.

“Sadly, I couldn’t think of a way to injure Oswalt myself, and going hitless on the night makes it hard to nail any rednecks with the ball. Cedeno really picked me up tonight.”

Other than Oswalt leaving the game and being listed as day-to-day, nothing else really happened.

Reliever Roberto Novoa, who is accustomed to being used by Dusty Baker in every possible situation, was miffed at not seeing any playing time.

“I’m upset, but not too worried,” said Novoa. “Because there have been some rumors that Dusty wants out after this year. If that’s true, he’ll keep finding ways to get me and Neifi some playing time.”

Number of the Day: 11
Percent chance the rest of the Cubs won’t mess up Zambrano’s bid to win enough games to earn the 2006 Cy Young Award.

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