Before Wednesday’s 6-3 loss, Cubs manager Dusty Baker claimed the team can still make the playoffs. Most people within earshot assumed Dusty meant their opponents, the Milwaukee Brewers, but the Cubs skipper pressed on to say the North Siders still have a chance.

“I check the scoreboard and standings every day,” said Baker. “We’re a ways behind.”

Various journalists lined up to thank Baker for clearing that up.

Not many agreed with him, however, since his best pitcher, Carlos Zambrano, couldn’t even get a win against the Brewers, who don’t insist that they still have a chance at the postseason, even though they’re five games ahead of the lowly Cubs.

Not only did Zambrano get the loss, but he only lasted 4 and 2/3 innings, giving up six runs and walking four. He gave up two two-run singles with the bases loaded in the fourth and fifth innings, and before that, Brady Clark hit a two-run shot after pitcher Dave Bush reached on a dropped third strike.

Indeed, Baker believes the playoffs are near for the Chicago Cubs.

“You gotta believe until you’re eliminated,” Baker insisted after the game. “So in our case, that means we can stop believing in a few weeks.”

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Times last night Baker was tempted to use his trusty “injury excuse” or compare the team to the 2005 Houston Astros.

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