Despite their best efforts to drop game number 33 of the season, the North Siders prevailed 5-4 against the Cardinals—more than five hours after Friday night’s first pitch.

“We just weren’t able to close this one out,” said Todd Walker, who drove in the game-winning RBI with a groundout in the top of the 14th inning. “I went 0-7 and still couldn’t stop myself from winning the game. It’s pretty frustrating.”

Equally frustrating was Walker’s at-bat in the ninth with one out and the bases loaded. He tried to ground into a double play to Scott Rolen, but the Gold Glove third baseman let the ball go through his legs. Two runs scored to tie the game 4-4.

“Maybe I could have hit it a little softer,” said Walker. “But then they wouldn’t have been able to turn two. Who figures [Rolen] for a choker? Did he used to be on the Cubs or something?”

Rookie Sean Marshall pitched too well to pick up the loss, giving up just two runs in 6 1/3 innings. Seven Cubs pitchers later, closer Ryan Dempster begrudgingly collected the victory after recording the last seven outs of the game.

“Hey, the rest of the bullpen had their chance to blow it too,” said Dempster. “It’s not just my fault. None of us got it done tonight.”

According to Cubs manager Dusty Baker, the loss wasn’t a total loss.

“At least we tired ourselves out for tomorrow,” he said. “Plus, we kept Glendon [Rusch] out of the game, which means he’ll be available to give up six or seven runs on Saturday.”

Number of the game: 7
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