Saturday, November 26, 2022

Heckler Comic: Football no longer king in Texas?

Thanks to the lockout and a hot start for the Rangers, Jerry J might have some competition in Texas.

National magazine gives Cowboys ‘Doodie Award’; says Josh Hamilton is A-OK

“Highlights for Children” magazine announced it cannot recommend that children root for the Dallas Cowboys in 2009.

New Jerry World stadium to offer longer, thicker Pink Things

Pink Things, the frozen treat only available at Six Flags over Texas is now poised to make its debut at Jerry Jones’ new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington when it opens later this year.

Valley Ranch bloodletting: Cowboys cut ties with Terrell Owens, Roy Williams

Terrell Owens was joined in the unemployment line on Thursday by defensive back Roy Williams.

Cowboys owner says his ego getting in the way of Super Bowl titles

Twenty years ago this week, Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys. After a good early run that included three Super Bowl championships and a roster of hall-of-famers, the Cowboys are now one of the most inept franchises in sports, and Jerry is the one fans are blaming, according to a recent poll.