Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Struggling Saints bring back bounty program

"We used to be a lot better when we illegally paid our players to put dirty hits on opposing teams' offensive stars with the intention of knocking them out of the game," said interim coach Aaron Kromer. "So we have to go back to that right away before this season gets even more out of control."

Edgy ad agency proposes Bounty paper towels sponsor the Saints this season

In an attempt to infuse some much-needed life into the Bounty Paper Towel brand, New York-based ad agency 72 Degrees & Crispin has secured sponsorship rights to the 2012 New Orleans Saints, fresh off the team's scandal that involved putting "bounties" on opposing squad's players.

Goodell wins Rock, Paper, Scissors standoff, announces Payton suspension instead of Peyton

"We agreed if I won, it would be spelled Payton with an A," said a relieved Goodell. "If the kid from Dartmouth won, it would have been Peyton with an E."

Goodell suspends himself for allowing Bountygate to happen on his watch

Hours after Roger Goodell levied massive suspensions to the New Orleans GM, head coach, assistant coach and former defensive coordinator, the NFL commissioner suspended himself -- without pay -- for a year, acknowledging his role in "allowing the Saints bounty system to occur on my watch."

Goodell absolves Gregg Robinson, admits he used to like Rosie from those Bounty commercials...

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell today absolved former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams of any responsibility for the recent bounty hunting controversy after Williams admitted he was influenced by Rosie from the old Bounty paper towel commercials.

Goodell: Presence of Boba Fett and Dog the Bounty Hunter on Saints sideline should...

At the time, Saints coach Sean Payton said the famed hired guns were with the team "strictly for entertainment purposes," but it now seems there was much more involved.

Fans shocked to learn terrible Saints defenders paid for anything besides missed tackles

Given the team's porous, 24th-ranked defense, NFL fans were shocked to learn the New Orleans Saints paid their players to injure opponents last season.