Monday, June 17, 2024

Ryan Fitzpatrick still haunted by near-perfect 49 on the Wonderlic Test

When told that Dan Marino and Vince Young scored 16 on their tests, Fitzpatrick snapped, “But I went to Harvard. 49 … that’s not even good for Yale.”

Bills grappling with pros and cons of being only good NFL team in New...

“What have you done for us lately?” asked Bills WR Steve Johnson. “It’s funny. The Giants and Jets embarrass themselves and all of the sudden the Daily News, Post, Times ... all of 'em want a piece of us.”

Folding table industry laments Bills’ playoff elimination

Bills fans aren't the only ones disappointed their team got bounced in a close playoff loss to the Jaguars Sunday. The folding table industry is also bracing for a sales slowdown now that Buffalo fans won't be destroying their product during their notoriously rowdy tailgate parties.