During Sunday’s home game against the Cardinals Jason Heyward disappeared for several minutes after chasing a ball deep into the right field well. An interview after the game shed light on exactly where the gold-glover had been: a Mattress Firm outlet.

“After they moved the bullpens down under the bleachers last year they had some extra space, so they rented it out,” Heyward said. “I was surprised to see people buying mattresses in there, but most of them turned out to be pitchers from the other bullpen. The manager Neal is pretty cool. I signed a ball for him and he gave me free delivery. I have a truck, but it was still nice.”

Before Mattress Firm moved-in the spot had been yoga studio, a Pizza Hut Express and the rehearsal space for local band Occam’s Hammer.

A representative from the Cubs says that the team plans on adding several more Mattress Firm locations in and around Wrigley Field in the coming weeks.

Bandwagon Dan