Wacky Joe Maddon and his often-times questionable managerial decisions have translated over into his everyday life, as he was spotted Monday afternoon eating soup with a fork, despite having a perfectly good spoon right next to him.

Maddon, who has faced much criticism since since pitching John Lackey and his pearly white teeth over Wade Davis in a critical ninth-inning scenario Sunday night, said that he was trying to save the spoon for his dessert later in the meal.

“You know, I’ve been using spoons a lot lately,” said Maddon, as he put a soup-less forkful in his mouth. “They helped me get to where I am today, what with all the yogurt and ice cream eating it’s done for me, but I want to make sure the spoon is nice and rested for the long haul.”

It is reported that Maddon got cake for dessert, which you can’t have and eat, Cubs fans.

Shingo TaCatsu