The Chicago Bears got thumped 29-7 on the road at Tampa Bay on Sunday, and while rookie QB Mitch Trubisky didn’t even play, head coach John Fox laid the blame squarely on his shoulders in his postgame press conference.

“You all saw the game today,” said Fox. “Obviously those two interceptions and that fumble by [starting QB] Mike Glennon were not his own fault. In any way. The receiver ran a bad route. The line didn’t block. But most importantly, did you see the way Mitch was just standing there on the sideline not doing anything? Talk about a total lack of effort.”

According to Fox, Glennon will remain the starter despite a terrible sequence in which he turned the ball over three times in the span of a few series.

“It wasn’t just Mike, okay? Tarik [Cohen] muffed that punt and Trubisky didn’t have a single yard passing. Not one!” yelled Fox, exasperated and confused about why everyone wanted to discuss Glennon’s disastrous performance. “Look, I’ve been around the game long enough to know what I’m talking about, and with this ownership and GM, I’ll probably be around a lot longer whether we win four games or go 0-16.”

Fox plans to have Trubisky work on his fundamentals of cheering harder and not being a distraction for Glennon, who “probably threw those picks out of frustration with fans and the media,” said Fox.

When asked who would be his starting quarterback next week, Fox scoffed.

“Week? More like year. I’m not sure about Mike’s first three quarters, but those garbage time stats are eye-popping! And so what if he almost threw a third pick in the endzone that the defender simply dropped. He came back the same series with a meaningless touchdown. This is Mike’s year. Period.”

Heckler George