Looking forward to enjoying a Tuesday night theatre showing of “Hamilton,” Chicago Bears coach John Fox instead received a venomous tongue-lashing from the play’s cast, visibly upset with the team this season.

Fox applauded the play during its curtain call, and he beamed when the cast pointed him out and thanked him for attending the show. But as the thespians continued, the coach’s sunny disposition turned to pallor.

A convincing Aaron Burr nearly challenged Fox to a duel after directing harsh words to the coach about the Bears’ losing season. He said he spoke for all fans by saying he felt “anxious that [Fox] will not uphold the city’s rights to a valued team.”

With a look of reproach, fellow actors, actresses and crew members linked arm-in-arm then took turns –in lockstep, and sometimes singing — admonishing and lambasting Fox for the Bears’ troubles this year. Comments ranged from PEDs to Jay Cutler’s shoulder to the team’s losing record.

One three-word lashing from the play’s lighting designer set the tone the rest of the evening for everyone exiting PrivateBank Theatre: “Tampa Bay…really?”