“So Jay, you know at Ohio State there’s a guy named Braxton Miller who wasn’t really that happy playing quarterback, and uh you know…he did something about it.“

Those were the words uttered by Bears head coach John Fox the other day to starting quarterback Jay Cutler. In a brief, one-sided conversation, Fox tried to casually drop hints that there were other roster spots open on the Bears.

“We’re thin at wide receiver right now with only Eddie Royal, Kevin White and Alshon Jeffrey,” Fox mentioned to Cutler. “None of those guys are really proven commodities and I think that, you know, it would be fun and um, uh well…how’s the family?”

Braxton Miller, the Ohio State quarterback who lost his job to injury and then decided that being on the playing field was more important to him than anything else, committed to playing wide receiver this year for the QB-heavy Buckeyes.

As for Fox, he’s been leaving copies of the Columbus Post Dispatch and Cleveland Plain Dealer around the Bears training facilities, casually asking Cutler which Big 10 team won the national title last season.

One person who praised the idea of a position move was Bears owner Virginia McCaskey, who pointed out that in her day players played both ways for the Decater Staleys, and they steered clear of alcohol, lest they violate Chicago’s strong prohibition laws and risk a hefty $12 fine.