Chicago Blackhawks broadcaster Eddie Olczyk is battling old demons again, according to a statement issued by the team:

“For years, Eddie has struggled to keep his love of soft-serve ice cream under control. While his obsession with the frozen treat may seem harmless, like when he jokes with partner Pat Foley about getting some ice cream during broadcasts, it can lead to destructive behavior. We all love Eddie and just want him to get better soon.”

The “destructive behavior” referenced in the statement involves violent mood swings when he can’t get his hands on the sweet treat, and massive sprinkle overdoses when he can. The latest incident came at a Dairy Queen in suburban Niles where Olczyk reportedly jumped the counter and began making himself cone after cone, shoving employees out of the way while shouting “What do I want? Soft serve! When do I want it? Eeee-mediately!”

This is the third time in the last five years Olczyk has been admitted to Sweet Sunrise, a facility that specializes in treating people with dessert-based addictions.