An irate Ron Burgundy could not contain his anger any longer. The venerable newsman who normally has no problem staying classy and reminding people how good he looks, lost it today while his good friend and street fighting buddy Champ Kind discussed Little League pitching phenom Mo’ne Davis during the sports segment on Channel 6 News San Diego.

Burgundy stormed off the set in the middle of the sports report because the veteran anchorman was livid over the fact that a girl was pitching in the Little League World Series. The audio was captured for all of San Diego to hear.

“I’m a man. And when I watch the Little League World Series at night I expect to see grown men play, not some girl. What am I supposed to do between my 1000 bicep curls and while reading from Mahogany books, watch a woman on my TV ruin the game that I love for God’s sakes?!”

Burgundy continued, seemingly unaware that cameras were still rolling.

“How am I supposed to enjoy my scotchy scotch scotch when I see a woman destroy something I hold so dear. Trust me on this one people, having a girl play in the little league world series will fail 60 percent of the time, every time.”

Although the oft-criticized Burgundy was ready to weather severe backlash from women’s rights groups, angry Little League players in front of the ice cream truck and Pumas who don’t like being chopped into pieces and made into cologne, he did find support from some unlikely places.

ESPN football commentator David Pollack, the guy who thinks a woman isn’t qualified to pick four teams for a college football playoff stood-up for his good friend Burgundy. Even the ghost of Andy Rooney came back from the underworld to side with Burgundy, all while complaining that there were still way too many “Broads on the sidelines.”