Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau informed media during Thursday afternoon’s shootaround that he would begin using an alternative substitution pattern with veteran guard, Kirk Hinrich during the last few minutes of close games.
“We’re down in the series, so now it’s on us to make adjustments,” said fourth-year head coach, Thibodeau. “No doubt that Kirk has been solid on defense, but when we have the ball, oh Jesus, not Kirk again.”
Tentatively calling the plan, “the Hinrich/any-human-male-or-female-who’s-not-Hinrich substitution pattern,” Thibodeau reiterated the team’s need to radically adjust their late-game strategy.
“If it means we have to sub in a big like Nazr [Mohammed] for Kirk, so be it. Or maybe [Bulls broadcaster] Stacey [King] can suit up again,” suggested Thibodeau before falling to his knees and sobbing with his head in his hands. “We have no one who can score. No one.”


Andy Metz