After attempting for nearly one month to log on to the government’s website to access Affordable Care Act group healthcare insurance programs, the Chicago Bears announced they successfully applied for Obamacare.

“I told coaches, players and staff to make sure they didn’t leave town during the bye week,” team Chairman George McCaskey told a local radio station. “We spent the entire time off trying to access the website; then, bingo, we finally got in.”

McCaskey offered a prize to the first person in the organization to log-in. Receiver Earl Bennett was the winner.

“Thank goodness Earl’s fingers are a lot more nimble than his hands,” McCaskey said. “He’ll receive a $25 gift certificate to Olive Garden for his outstanding effort.”

The team opted for the Bronze healthcare plan, McCaskey said. “The deductible is a bit higher than we wanted, but our monthly premium is about 40 percent less than what we were paying.”

Unfortunately, the new plan doesn’t cover treatment for all types of maladies. While McCaskey wouldn’t elaborate on insurance coverage for quarterback Jay Cutler’s groin injury, he mused, “Let’s just say that Jay’s gone from being out week-to-week to month-to-month.”