In an effort to capitalize on its red-hot show, Breaking Bad, AMC has announced that in addition to Better Call Saul, the network will also be spinning off a Chicago Cubs-themed drama entitled “Being Bad.” The show will follow Skinny Pete and Badger, who move back to their hometown of Chicago and quickly go into a downward spiral of Old Style and Cubs depression.

“Breaking Bad is about an average man who devolves into a monster,” said show creator Vince Gilligan. “With Being Bad, we plan to explore what it’s like for a monstrous organization to simply wallow in its ineptitude. The Cubs have been so bad for so long, you almost wonder if maybe that’s how they like it.”

Unlike the original show, Being Bad will not focus on meth production, but instead an equally destructive force: Cubs baseball.

“The errors, the disastrous draft picks, the overpriced big name signings … this team has it all,” said Gilligan. “Much like Walter White destroys everyone in his path, so too do the Cubs lay waste to an entire half of Chicago.”