With 11:36 left in the fourth quarter and his team fending off a surging Philadelphia Eagles team, Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid left the game abruptly to go to Geno’s Steaks, the City of Brotherly Love’s famous cheesesteak restaurant.

“I couldn’t hold it any longer. My tongue was hanging out thinking about the Wiz Cheesesteak sandwich and the Freedom Fries,“ Reid told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, his BFF from his days as the Eagles coach. “So I hopped in a cab and headed right over to Geno’s getting there just three minutes before it closed.”

“When I saw Andy come through the door, I was floored knowing the game was still being played,” Geno’s owner Joey Vento said. While Vento wouldn’t reveal the amount of food consumed by the coach, who weighs more than 300 lbs., he said the restaurant remained open 2-1/2 hours after its regular closing time just to fulfill Reid’s order.

“It was so great to see Andy again,” said Vento. “He was always our best customer, but since I laid the points on the Chiefs, I got really concerned when he walked into the joint.”