As the Chicago Bears celebrated their Week 1 win against the Bengals, local sports fans noticed a curious game being played at Wrigley Field that involved grown men hurling small balls towards a pentagonal piece of plastic as others tried to hit it with an oddly shaped club. While Wrigley Field has long been known to be a premiere drinking location for Chicagoans, city officials say that it has been housing this unusual sport for the past six months, and that people even travel from as far as Naperville to watch it.

“While many people know Wrigley Field as a Stanley Cup celebration landmark, or an area of the city that has good bars to watch Bears games, we do in fact host over 80 games of an unusual turn-of-the-century sport loosely based on the game Cricket that takes over three hours to complete,” said a Wrigley Field spokesman.

Apparently this competitive event, which never has games later than September in the Chicago area, is popular in certain cities where their teams have a winning history. Multiple reports show that the squad that plays most often at Wrigley Field wears white and blue, and after each game, per tradition, they hoist a large flag with the letter “L” over the stadium. This “L” possibly stands for the name of this unusual sport, but that is simply speculation.

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith