With the sorry state of Chicago sports evident after the Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory, the Chicago office of The Heckler will cease operations until mid-September.

In a statement from the faux newspaper which read “With nothing worthy of being satirized, it is with sadness that we at The Heckler will have to stop operations for several months. We hope to see you when the first requests for the trading of Derrick Rose, or some ridiculously impossible Cubs post-deadline trade rumors pop up sometime in September. Thanks, The Heckler Editorial Board.”

Avid reader Jack Dzunzinski is dissapointed with the decision, but can sympathize. “I mean really, look around you, what the hell is there to make fun of.” Adding, “Even Cubs fans have stopped going to see their miserable team, and Sox fans freely admit they suck, so you cant even point that out.”

John F