After deciding to go with a 6-man starting pitching rotation to dovetail in the likes of young phenoms Jack Wheeler and Matt Harvey, the Mets have changed their minds and will go with a 90-man rotation instead.

“The only two starting pitchers who figure in our future plans are Wheeler and Harvey,” Mets manager Terry Collins said. Collins implied the Mets history of endangering their prized pitching prospects is a factor in his revised decision.

“I want Harvey and Wheeler to gain major league experience without being injured while we remain noncompetitive,” Collins said. “Their respective starts will be on this upcoming Tuesday and Wednesday and again in late September.”

Collins has led the Mets on the field for the past few seasons, all of them bad. The other 88 Mets starting pitchers for the rest of the year will consist of position players, bat boys, Mets minor leaguers, and Ron Darling and Sid Fernandez on Fan Appreciation weekend.

By Rob Christianse