Kristen Cavallari recently made headlines when she opined that she probably wouldn’t want her son to follow in the footsteps of his father, Bears QB Jay Cutler, by playing football. Cavallari cited safety concerns, but she also said it would be nice if her son pursued a respectable path in life, like becoming a reality TV star.

“It worked for me!” said Cavallari, former star of the MTV reality show The Hills. “I mean one day I’m just a girl involved in a sordid love triangle on a tasteless TV show, and now I’m married to a professional football player!”

While Cavallari didn’t have to worry about concussions or other physical injuries, she did caution that a life mugging for the camera isn’t for everyone.

“I definitely took my share of mental lumps along the way,” she said. “Like that one episode in season six when I totally fake-cried about spilling a mocha latte on my favorite dress? I had to go to a dark place to find those emotions. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from that.”