Jay Cutler, who suffered a concussion in Sunday night’s 13-6 loss to the Texans, was criticized by fans for not having a better helmet to protect himself. Outside Soldier Field, many moronic fans were wondering why Cutler didn’t procure a top-of-the-line helmet for situations like this.

“What’s wrong with this guy?” said 44-year-old hater Bill Burns, an Arlington Heights resident. “How much does he make? He can’t use some of that money to buy a good quality helmet? Is he using one of those cheap ones they give you ice cream in?┬áSometimes I think he doesn’t care at all about the season, or the fans. I’m just fed up with it.”

Burns , who hadn’t even attended the game but was watching with some friends at a northwest side tavern, had traveled to Soldier Field hoping to gain access to the interview room to find out, “Just what the hell is going on.” He was denied entry.

John F