Despite public pronouncements that he doesn’t care about the team on the south side, Lakeview resident and die-hard Cubs fan Mike Benson privately wonders what he did to offend the White Sox.

“They’re obviously just winning to spite me,” said Benson. “It seems like every time I check the standings they’re up by 2 or 3 on the Tigers, win or lose. Meanwhile the Cubs are like 30 back or whatever.”

Benson, who has tried in vain to ignore the flow of positive Sox stories in the sports pages, hopes this isn’t some repeat of 2005.

“I mean, the Sox are aware my team hasn’t won a World Series in over a hundred years, right?” he asked. “Oh — I’m sure they are. That’s why they’re really sticking it to me.”

Added Benson: “Uh, not that I care.”