Despite landing Drew Brees with his first round pick, fantasy football owner and NASA scientist Bob Benson admitted his live draft was an utter catastrophe after he crashed the $2.5 billion Mars rover Curiosity during the event.

“Obviously I’m glad I didn’t miss my pick,” said Benson, owner of The Gridironauts, who placed third in NASA’s interoffice league last season. “I just wish I had been paying attention to that 40-foot crevasse I rolled the rover into … but I was so nervous about being on the clock.”

Fellow league owner and experimental physicist Mark Kim agreed with Benson’s assessment.

“Total disaster,” said Kim. “I was hoping to nab Brees with the next pick. Plus, now that Bob will be fired, he’ll have way more time to analyze stats and talk trash via complex mathematical equations, as is our custom.”

Mars Rover Photoshop via

Heckler George