Floyd Mayweather won a unanimous decision over Miguel Cotto Saturday night, but it was his entourage that stole the spotlight. As he made his entrance to the ring at the MGM, Mayweather was joined by music giants Justin Bieber and 50 Cent, as well as wrestling superstar Triple.

Before taunting Manny Pacquiao in his post fight intervi-w, he announced that the foursome will be hitting the road on a cross country music tour.

“I’ve been working on my rap album,” Mayweather boasted. “50’s been producing some tracks, and laying down some hooks. Y’all already know what J-Biebs does … and Triple H? Honestly, I thought I was getting the rapper ‘The Game’ not the wrestler, but shit, he cool. He’s my hypeman.”

Mayweather, who faces a lengthy prison sentence on June 1 for a domestic violence case seemed confident that he would use his celebrity to skirt the law and go free.

“We just hired Johnny’s Cochran’s nephew Fred,” Mayweather said. “Ain’t no way they putting me behind bars that ain’t fully stocked with Dom P.”

Bieber was unavailable for comment after a sea of Vegas showgirls carried him away during the fight’s second round.

50 Cent left the arena early but replied to reporters by text message, “We bout to take over the rap game! Watch the throne, cause we comin for it! Money May, Hunter Hearst, Bieb Feeve. Shady, Aftermath, G-G-G-G-G-G-G Unit! Drink Vitamin Water – Curtis.”

Legendary boxing analyst Larry Merchant called the idea “catastrophically stupid,” while Max Kellerman argued the supergroup was “what the music industry has lacked since Tribe stopped putting out records.”