Last year, we enabled our audience to contribute content to our site. This year, we’re going to pay you for it.* Each month┬á’s most popular post from the previous 30 days will net its writer a crisp $100 bill.** It’s true.***

All you have to do is submit away. Here’s the info you’ll need:


** $100 bill might not be that crisp. In fact, it might not be a $100 bill at all. It might be a check. Or PayPal payment. Or five $20s. Or two $20s, three $10s, three $5s, nine $1s, six quarters, 15 dimes, six nickels, and 270 pennies. Options.

*** For now. If this promotion doesn’t take off we might discontinue it or change the terms. But don’t worry, if your submission is the top for that month and we haven’t yet changed the terms, we’ll still pay you.

**** If the winning submission for any month also includes a Photoshopped image, you’ll split the prize with the artist.

Rundown of monthly winners:

January 2012 Justin Tuck adds six more bars to his facemask for NFC Championship by Jeremy B. and Pat L.