Ozzie Guillen, the name of the man who writes the blog “Ozzie Speaks” for mlb.com has never met the White Sox manager by the same name, prompting some confusion.

In an officially-licensed blog on MLB’s website a 46 year-old public relations representative from Tacoma, Wash. named Ozzie Guillen has been composing entries exuding his optimism and excitement for the young season.

“I hope The Cell is crazy tomorrow!” Guillen wrote last week in reference to the Sox home opener. ” I love the National Anthem because it gets so loud and I will just be taking it all in trying to enjoy it.”

Fifteen minutes before the post, Ozzie Guillen the manager from Caracas, Venezuela expressed different feelings to reporters.

“Opening Day is always a pain in the ass,” Guillen said. “There’s always stuff around there. It’s almost the most overrated thing.”