In response to their team’s 15-10 victory over the Indians on Opening Day, Sox fans have put forth a unified effort to make you want to exit out of Facebook.

While experts believe the worst of the status updates peaked during the fifth inning of Friday’s game, you should be prepared to read updates with multiple exclamation points, asinine projections, and misspellings of Sox players’ name for about another 12 hours.

Sox fans posts have raised the level of stupidity so high the social networking site will almost certainly have to be closed. Each Facebook user who lives in the Chicago area is likely to see at least two of the following posts:

Your first place Chicago White Sox!!!
If Dun can stay healthy he’s on pace for 162 HR’s and 648 RBI’s
boom!!!!! here come the boyz from the southside!!!!
sox are all in! scrubs are all done!!