Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman has always been able to admit when he has made a mistake. After Wednesday night’s loss to the Stars he has come to realization that he made some big ones last off-season.

“I was pretty confident in my moves after the season,” Bowman says. “I really thought we kept the core of our championship team together, turns out I have no idea what I’m talking about.”

Bowman is referring to the plethora of trades he made after the Hawks won the Stanley Cup, specifically how he unloaded core players to the Thrashers who are are now entrenched in playoff contention while the Hawks can’t manage a single home win.

“I traded Brent Sopel because he always seemed to be the slowest guy on the ice, unfortunately for us Nick Boynton sucks,” said Bowman one of his moves. “I really screwed the pooch on that one.”

He says that Hawks fans clamoring for playoff hockey are either going to have to hold out for a miracle or just turn into huge Atlanta Thrashers fans.

“Their lineup is really well put together,” Bowman said. “They’re have some young scorers with a mix of strong veterans and a good defense. You know, they really remind me of the Blackhawks before I took over.”