Editors at The Heckler late Thursday night made a pledge: No more Joakim Noah jokes for at least a month following his career game in a stirring three-overtime playoff win against Boston.

“In the past we’ve put a clown nose on Noah, ripped on him for his constant over-celebrating and lack of overall game,” said Brad Zibung, The Heckler’s founder. “But after he came through so huge in the last minute of the third OT with that steal, dunk and three-point play, it’s going to be pretty tough to poke fun of him for a while.”

Instead The Heckler will focus on other topics, like what punks Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce are and how lucky the Bulls are that Kevin Garnett — also a punk — isn’t playing in this series. However, The Heckler reserves the right to end the month-long ban on Noah jokes should he do something stupid or blow Game 7 in Boston Saturday.