The Bulls honored the St. Patty’s tradition of sporting green uniforms Tuesday night. Unfortunately so did the Celtics and all hell broke loose. Neither team knew which players to guard or pass to, but Chicago somehow held on for a six-point win.

Perhaps Bulls forward Tyrus Thomas best summarized the confusion.

“On a good night I recognize three, maybe four of my teammates,” said Thomas who led all scorers named Tyrus with 18 points. “But when we’re all out there wearing the same color? Forget about it. I wound up making a bunch of passes to some dude named Salmons and I’m pretty sure he’s on the Celtics.”

Thomas was wrong about John Salmons who’s been on the Bulls since February’s lackluster trade with the Kings. Luckily for Thomas and his teammates, Salmons is turning out to be pretty damn good. He lead all scorers with 38, which almost certainly is a career high.

Any victory over the defending champs is worth trumpeting, but there should be an asterisk by this one as megastar Kevin Garnett sat out with a sore knee. Garnett said he missed playing Tuesday night, but was glad he wasn’t a part of the green-on-green confusion.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure 100 percent sure we’d have won if I was out there tonight,” said Garnett who hasn’t played in nearly a month. “But watching all those fools run around in the same color jerseys made me pretty happy I was resting comfortably on the bench in a $10,000 suit.”

heckler editorial staff