Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich returned from an extended stint on the injured list Monday night finding he is now able to touch the rim, once an out-of-reach fantasy.

“I can’t explain it,” said Hinrich, who’s been out of action since Nov. 7 with a severe thumb injury. “I used to be able to come close, but that was when I was back in college. I guess the two months of rest did my legs a lot of good.”

Granted, Hinrich’s aerial display didn’t occur during the Bulls’ 14-point loss to the Blazers Monday night. Rather, it happened during the team’s halftime shoot-around. Nontheless, his teammates were impressed.

“I was scouting the crowd for honeys and happened to look over at Kirk,” said fellow undersized guard Ben Gordon. “He finished up a layup by just barely touching the rim and I was like ‘Ooooooh snap!'”

Gordon said Hinrich’s touch of the rim has inspired him.

“I know it sounds crazy,” said Gordon. “But if Kirk can touch the rim, maybe even I can do it someday.”

heckler editorial staff