The White Sox continued their off-season acquisitions of old, questionable middle relief on Tuesday, stealing 35-year-old Octavio Dotel–who had his last good season for the Astros in 2003–for two years and $11 million.

The signing means the Sox have now spent over $30 on middle relief this off-season. Just before the Winter Meetings the team added Scott Linebrink, who will be 32 in August, for the tune of four years and $19 million.

“Obviously the unique amenities of our bullpen were a big factor for Mr. Dotel,” said GM Kenny Williams. “Two rocking chairs and multiple pairs of reading glasses were added when we signed Linebrink, and both newcomers will be able to relate to other 30-somethings Mike MacDougal and Matt Thornton.”

In related news, there are unconfirmed reports the Sox will extend 36-year-old Todd Van Poppel andĀ 38-year-old Ron VilloneĀ invitations to Spring Training.