With the Cavs hot on their heels for the second seed in the East, it seemed like the perfect weekend for the Bulls to drop two in a row against sub-par teams and begin their annual downward spiral into post-season oblivion.

But, surprisingly, they didn’t. The won both game by a combined 52 points.

So after two blowout wins in a row and one more win needed to secure the second seed in the East, the Bulls have fans, and quite possibly each other, wondering, “Who the hell are these guys?”

The Bulls crushed the Bobcats 100-81 at the United Center Friday night-a victory coach Scott Skiles credited to the fact that Adam “I’ll Never Shave My Creepy-Ass Mustache” Morrison sat out for the Bobcats with a sprained knee.

“The last time we played these guys, that mustachioed freak scared the crap out of my players and we lost,” Skiles said. “But with him gone, the guys were able to pull out the win.”
Ben Gordon got the start of a stellar weekend by leading the team with 20 points, and Ben Wallace notched yet another double-double with 12 points and 12 rebounds.

Sunday’s 101-68 resounding win over the Wizards in Washington showcased a Bulls defense that looked playoff ready, holding the Wizards to 33 percent shooting from the field.

Ben Gordon led the effort from the Bulls with 30 points, and the rest of the team-PJ Brown included-combined to grab 15 more rebounds than the Wizards.

The Bulls play the Nets in New Jersey on Wednesday night, but the real game to watch will be the Cavs at the Sixers Tuesday night. If the Sixers pull off the upset, the Bulls will officially secure the second seed in the East, clearing the way to crap the bed against the Nets if the feel so inclined.

Number of the Weekend: 11
Points Andres Nocioni had in both games combined. Thanks for rushing back, Andres.

Knicks Watch
It’s official: Five teams now stand between the Knicks and the basement of the league. Their stench smells like good news for the Bulls’ hopes of getting a top pick in the draft lottery.

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