It’s hard to hope a Chicago team loses, unless it’s the White Sox, but for Blackhawks fans, wins at this point hurt the team.

The Blackhawks beat Columbus and Edmonton over the weekend and are poised to ruin their chance at a first-round pick. The league’s three worst teams get more lottery balls than the other teams. The Hawks are currently fourth-worst.

“Wonderful,” GM Dale Talon said this morning. “Now all we’ve worked for this season will be a waste. Wait, are we mathematically out of the playoff race yet? We did just win two in a row.”

The lottery system was designed so teams couldn’t purposely lose to better their draft status. But teams with the fewest points still do have an advantage.

“I really don’t think these players understand my big picture,” Talon continued. “The players don’t understand and neither do the rest of the staff, the fans, my family, city officials, the rest of the NHL or me for that matter. Who are you? How did you get in here?”
Number of the Weekend: 3
Games left in another disappointing Blackhawks season.

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