In a town filled with visions of a Super Bowl championship you wouldn’t think a regular season Blackhawks game would matter to anyone. And you would be right.

The Chicago Blackhawks lost to the San Jose Sharks Saturday night 4-2. The Hawks are now 17 points out of a playoff spot and are clearly sellers rather than buyers as the trade deadline approaches. Fans have their opinions on what the always-struggling franchise should do.

“Trade everyone except Martin Havlat,” said Brian Smith of Lakeview. “Everyone on this team sucks besides him. Have they ever won without him in the lineup? I doubt it. I hate them all.”

The team does have some good young talent in Duncan Keith and Cam Barker. But they are both defensemen and don’t provide a lot of scoring. They are a welcome change for lumbering defensemen Jassen Cullimore and Adrian Aucoin.

“Cullimore and Aucoin are garbage,” said Max Power of Bridgeport. “I would trade them both for Rex Grossman straight up just for the enjoyment of watching him fail at another sport.”

Let’s not go nuts.

heckler editorial staff