The Detroit Red Wings beat up the Blackhawks Friday night in a game so embarrassing it’s not worth talking about. Look it up on Yahoo if you want to know what happened so badly.

At on point Sunday night the Hawks were up 3-1 over the Minnesota Wild Sunday night at the United Center.But when a team is slumping like the Hawks are, no lead is safe.

The Wild ended up beating the Hawks 4-3 in a shootout. There was some controversy in the shootout as the Hawks’ final shooter, Denis Arkhipov, seemingly scored but it was later disallowed after a lengthy video review. The Hawk center believes he was “hosed.”

“I hosed,” Arkhipov told reporters. “I see puck go in. Ref see puck go in. Stupid video judge man say puck no go in. I hate him. And his family.”

The Blackhawks had an astounding 41 shots on goal to Minnesota’s 27. Despite the disparity, the chances just weren’t there.

“Yeah we had shots,” head coach Denis Savard said at his press conference. “But I keep telling these knuckleheads that you can’t score when you shoot right at the goalie’s chest. ‘Around the goalie not through him’ is what I always say to them. I need to learn it in Russian.”

Number of the Weekend: 100
Percent of Chicagoans who really don’t care what the Hawks are doing while the Bears are still in the playoffs.

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