The one good thing about the virtual waiting room is that now you can spend some quality time gambling online while you try to score some hard-to-get Cubs-Pirates tickets. Here are a couple of bets Pete will be making in his quest to pay off the IRS by year’s end.

10 –

Distance in yards that must be maintained by any Bears defensive back and Steve Smith according to a restraining order filed Jan. 13, 2005.

 75 –

Yards Steve Smith gained while you were reading that last entry.

 2 –

Days into spring training before the Cubs beat reporter files a story including the phrase “torn rotator cuff.”

 45 –

Over/under on the actual age of Jose Contreras.

 May 12 –

Day A.J. Pierzynski is released for playing “Don’t Stop Believin'” before every game.


Hours you would have to lock Tyson Chandler in a gym by himself before he could eclipse Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game.

 2 –

Minutes into that event before Chandler would break his all-time record for offensive rebounds in a game.

 80 –

Percent of Chicagoans who think Theo Fleury and/or Bob Probert still play for the Blackhawks.

 Griswold –

The only name on the back of a Blackhawks jersey that you can wear without a paper bag on your head.

heckler editorial staff