Sunday, June 16, 2024

Stern blocks O’Neal’s attempt to rename Kings the Sacramento Shaq Daddies

“Shaq was the face of the NBA for years. So why can’t he become the face of the Kings?” Stern said on NBA TV. “However, I will not allow him to rename the team. No way will they be called the Sacramento Shaq Daddies.”

Lakers currently California’s fourth best NBA team

After dropping their second game is as many nights, the Lakers dream team is currently 0-2 and flopping away this young season, ranking as the worst of California's four NBA squads.

Bulls, Kings to wear NHL costumes, play hockey game tonight

The Bulls will dress up as the Blackhawks and the Kings will dress up as the Los Angeles Kings, winners of the Stanley Cup. The two basketball teams will then go about and play a hockey game.