Monday, January 24, 2022

On Deck Radio Report: Taking advice from drunk fan in stands, Piniella will release...

This week's predictions: Patrick Kane will mistakenly think he's all grown up, things yelled by spectators will start to make sense to the Cubs skipper, and a softball player will set a Ripken-like record.

Check out the latest edition of The Heckler Half Hour Comedy Spectacular

In case you missed The Heckler's cable access show a couple weeks back because you had something better to do at 10 on a Sunday night, here it is for you to watch at your leisure.

Radio Brief: Year One of Ricketts ownership gets even better for Cubs fans with...

Tom Ricketts continues to improve their new ballclub, though on-field upgrades are still lagging behind.

Radio Brief: Packer fan abandons child who smiled at a stuffed bear

A father is serious about his family's loyalty to the Packers.

Radio Brief: Chicago sports media working to correct recent underreporting of unfounded rumors

The Chicago sports world is very worried about the lack of wild speculation gripping the city.

Radio Brief: Sox admit they turned around season just to piss off Cubs fans

Paul Konerko says the team's incredible turnaround was inspired by their enjoyment of messing with Cubs fans.

Radio Brief: Woman pissed recent run of decent play has made husband care about...

A woman can't believe her husband has been fooled into thinking the Cubs still have a chance.