The Bears are 2-7. It’s getting colder by the day. And while the Bulls are off to a decent start, most Chicagoans feel a bit adrift after basking in the glow of the Cubs’ historic World Series run.

Ever the master of promotion, Blackhawks President John McDonough has decided to ease Chicago’s pain and bring the focus of this great sport city’s fans back to its reliable, championship-caliber hockey team.

“As an organization, we feel for the city. There’s always a let-down after a championship. When we win a [Stanley] Cup, usually that has to hold over the town until our next playoff run,” said McDonough. “This time, the shoe is on the other foot. The Cubs had a magical season, and then people are supposed to get excited about the Bears? Or pay attention to the Bulls? Not likely.”

To remedy the situation, the Hawks worked out a deal with the NHL to play every day for the rest of the season and through the playoffs, marking the first time a team will surpass the 200-game plateau.

“Will it be tough on the guys? Yes. But I feel [Jonathan] Toews and the bunch are up to the challenge,” said McDonough. “We need to see people smile again, like they did in October.”