Vowing that his team will make four passes before taking a shot, Norman “Hoosiers” Dale, coach of the 1952 Indiana state champion Hickory Huskers, replaced Tom Thibodeau as head coach of the Chicago Bulls.

“I’m mighty pleased to be here,” Dale told Chicago media in his introductory press conference. “At my age, I’m just happy to be anywhere,” said the 93-year old coach.

Dale plans to install a number of old school offensive sets. “Of course, we’ll use the picket fence, although I’m a little concerned about Derrick Rose running the team,” Dale said. “He’s no Jimmy Chitwood.”

Seeing few differences between coaching at the high school and pro levels, Dale has no worries.

“Hell, from what I’ve seen so far in the NBA, the Spurs and Cavaliers ain’t no different than teams we whipped in ’52, like Deer Lick and Outilac.”